July 1, 2014


Hello everyone, and welcome to SolidAngl.es!  This website is where I'll be posting my thoughts, observations, tips, and ideas with regard to mathematics, education, and their intersection.  Discussion is very much welcome on the comments of each blog post - I want to hear what you all have to say on these issues as well!

In the About section of this site, you can find information about how and why I teach, and in the Resume section, you can see where I've been and what I've done thus far.

(There's also a Music section if you're interested.  I don't imagine I'll be blogging much about music, but who knows - mathematics and music are quite related!)

If you have any topics in mathematics and/or education you think should discussed on here, feel free to contact me using the Contact form above.

Subscription links can be found to the right, so you can keep up with the latest posts.

Enjoy your stay!


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