Here's a list of some projects I've worked on.
A link to my webpage "How To Divide By Zero".

How To Divide By Zero


An informational website about division by zero and its relation to infinity as viewed through the lens of projective geometry.

Featured in a November 2018 interview for the American Mathematical Society Graduate Student Blog.

A link to my webpage "".


A comprehensive resource about the GRE Mathematics Subject Test, including information about the test, resource recommendations, and hints to all available official practice tests.

I've also developed some of my own materials, including a topic list, a score conversion chart, and an original practice test with solutions to better represent the current difficulty of the test.

Big thanks to Ryan Gudonis for the site design!

A link to my YouTube series "Introduction to Higher Mathematics".

Introduction to Higher Mathematics


A set of 19 YouTube lectures developed for a course at Project Polymath. The course has been viewed over 400,000 times.

Topics covered include problem solving, logic, set theory, proof techniques, relations and functions, number theory, infinity, construction and topology of real numbers, sequences, and abstract algebra.

A link to my Soundcloud.

My Soundcloud

When I'm not doing or teaching mathematics, I compose music as a hobby, mostly for video games.

My work can be found in rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, beatmaniaIIDX, Reflec Beat, Noisz, and O2Jam. I also wrote a rearranged soundtrack for the 2012 Steam re-release of the bullet-hell games Gundeadligne and Gundemonium Re:collection.